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It's Christmas in July!!!
Enjoy 10% all Beer, Cider and Wine Kits

*LE & LR kits are not included in the sale. (LE23, Colosso, Pinot Noir Rose, Twisted Mist, Pink Moscato and Mexican Cerveza

Welcome To Your Next Adventure

It's never been easier to enjoy craft wine and beer making.

Choose Your Beer or Wine

With a variety of styles to choose from, we will help you choose a wine or beer that fits both your taste & budget.


We Do The Work

You sprinkle the yeast & our highly trained staff will take care of your wine and beer in our state-of-the-art facility.


Book an Appointment

Return to bottle your beer or wine in 4-8 weeks. And  Enjoy!

New Arrivals


Everything you need to make wine, beer or cider at home. A range of industry-leading sanitizers, filtration, racking and accessories to make your kit it’s very best. Pop by to get your equipment in-store today!

Amanda Nolte, Lloydminster, AB

Lloyd wine outfitters goes above and beyond! They special ordered me a gluten free beer kit, they took extra special precautions to ensure that my beer did not get contaminated with their regular beers. When it was time to bottle and take my beer home it was delicious! If you are a celiac that can not have beer you know the struggle of buying so many different gluten free beers and them all tasting terrible. The gluten free beer that they ordered for me is the best one I have ever tried, and it is so much cheaper than buying it in the liquor store. I can finally have beer again!! If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease and you miss beer as much as I did, go see Brandy and she will hook you up! They also have so many different cider flavors too!

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