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LE23 Winemaker's Blend

LE23 Winemaker's Blend


The varietals in our Winemaker’s Blend play off each other to create a crisp off-dry wine with a tapestry of vibrant fruit flavours. Pinot Grigio leads with lush peach and apple flavours. Riesling adds aromatics, a shot of sweetness, and amplifies fresh acidity. Vermentino plays up the citrus character, while Verduzzo brings tropical notes to the background. A touch of Trebbiano rounds out the orchard fruit flavours and adds a fresh mineral accent.


Sweetness: Off-Dry

Body: Light-Medium

Oak: None

Alochol: 12%


Optional Winery Service - Please go to Services Tab and Select Wine Service Fee


*Fermentation will not begin until you visit the store in person to pitch your yeast

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