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Lloyd Wine Outfitters


Love wine! Love local! Lloyd Wine Outfitters has been proudly family-owned and operated since it was founded in 2010. In 2023 husband and wife team Gavyn and Nicole sold the store to another local husband and wife team, Brandy and Jeff. The fun atmosphere, high quality and cost-savings for wine lovers continues!

Lloyd Wine Outfitters (LWO) took the sale of wine kits to the next level by offering their customers on-site brewing for wine, beer and now cider! This enables customers to produce their own wine, beer and cider in a professional-quality, clean and controlled environment – in two easy steps!

1) start your kit by adding (“pitching”) the yeast

2) bottling the finished product to take home and enjoy!

The steps in-between (temperature monitoring, degassing, filtration, etc.) are all handled by the experts at Lloyd Wine Outfitters.  This has opened up wine and beer making to a large number of customers who otherwise didn’t have time or space to enjoy the satisfaction of their own commercial-quality wine and beer at a terrific price.

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About Lloyd Wine Outfitters


What started as a dream in 2010 has proudly grown to be THE source for the Lloydminster area to enjoy AMAZING wines from around the globe at incredible savings. THANK YOU for shopping local.

Founders: Nicole & Gavyn.

New Owners in 2023: Brandy & Jeff.

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