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Air Lock 3 pc., the ultimate fermentation tool crafted in Canada for the dedicated brewer. This simple, yet highly effective airlock, designed to fit into a drilled stopper or bung, ensures a controlled fermentation environment. It allows for the seamless release of CO2 from your carboy or bucket while preventing oxygen from spoiling your beer or wine. The Air Lock 3 pc. is not just about functionality; it's also about ease of use and versatility, fitting all drilled stoppers and offering an easy-to-clean three-piece structure.

Key Features:

  •  Easy-to-Use: Fits snugly into a drilled stopper or bung.
  •  Closed Environment: Perfect for CO2 release and oxygen prevention.
  •  Versatile Design: Compatible with all our drilled stoppers.
  •  Three-Piece Structure: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance.


The Air Lock 3 pc. Stands out as a crucial tool in beer and wine brewing. Its closed fermentation system ensures the safe release of CO2 while protecting your batch from oxygen. The airlock's versatile and three-piece design makes it a breeze to clean. It ensures it fits into your brewing setup effortlessly, making it an indispensable addition to your brewing arsenal.

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