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Bottles - PET Amber 1 Liter

Bottles - PET Amber 1 Liter


1-litre Amber P.E.T Beer Bottles, meticulously designed for the craft brewing enthusiast. These bottles combine the timeless appeal of amber glass with the durability and safety of PET material, making them an ideal choice for novice and seasoned brewers. Their ample volume and compatibility with standard caps make them versatile for various brewing styles.

Key Features:

  •  Food-Grade Material: Crafted from PET that adheres to food-grade safety standards.
  •  Amber Advantage: Offers UV protection while enhancing the visual appeal.
  •  Superior Safety: A robust, nearly shatter-proof alternative to traditional glass.
  •  Volume Optimized: 1-litre (33.8 oz) capacity tailored for homebrewing needs.
  •  Standard Neck Size: Features a 28 MM PCO neck, compatible with standard caps (caps sold separately).


Q: Do these bottles come with caps? A: Caps are available separately and fit the 28 MM PCO neck size.

Q: Is the material BPA-free? A: Our PET material is food-grade approved and free from BPA.

Q: How many bottles are in one case? A: Each case contains 12 Amber P.E.T Beer Bottles.

Q: Are these bottles reusable? A: Absolutely, they are designed for multiple uses. Proper sterilization is recommended before each use.

Q: Can these handle carbonated beverages? A: They are perfect for carbonated brews, becoming rigid when fully carbonated.

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