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Bottles - PET Clear 500ml

Bottles - PET Clear 500ml


Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Discover the ultimate solution for homebrewers with our Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles. This 24-bottle case, each holding 500 ml, perfectly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from food-grade approved PET, these bottles offer a safe, durable alternative to glass, ideal for showcasing your homebrewed beer. Their clear design adds a professional touch to your brewing and allows your beer's actual color and quality to shine through. Lightweight and recyclable, these bottles are a testament to convenient and responsible brewing. 

Key Features:

  •  Convenient Size: 500 ml capacity per bottle, perfect for craft beer servings.
  •  Safe Material: Constructed from food-grade approved PET, ensuring safety and quality.
  •  Breakage Resistant: Designed to be rigid when carbonated, reducing breakage risks.
  •  Standard Neck Size: Compatible with 28 MM PCO caps (not included) for a secure seal.
  •  Clear Visibility: Transparent design to showcase the color and clarity of your brew.
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