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Essences - Amber Cuban Rum

Essences - Amber Cuban Rum


Introducing the Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum Essence, the key ingredient to add authentic, nuanced flavor to your homebrew projects or cooking endeavours. Forget the complexities of traditional rum-making; achieve remarkable taste effortlessly. This 20 mL bottle is packed with natural extracts, essences, and oils that infuse your grain alcohol or neutral vodka with the Cuban-inspired rum flavor you crave. The simple-to-use formula blends smoothly, giving you about 31 fluid ounces of flavored spirit—no special equipment needed.

Key Features

  •  Instant Flavor Infusion: Mix, shake, and you're done.
  •  Natural Ingredients: Filled with extracts, essences, and oils for authentic flavour.
  •  Versatile Use: Compatible with 25-30% ABV grain alcohol, neutral vodka, or clarified Super Yeast/Turbo Yeast.
  •  High Yield: One bottle produces approximately 31 fl. oz. of flavoured alcohol.
  •  Simple Instructions: All you need is this essence, sugar, and your choice of alcohol base.
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