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Essences - Apple Brandy

Essences - Apple Brandy


Craft an apple brandy with unparalleled depth and character using Liquor Quik's XO Apple Brandy Essence. This essence is specially formulated for those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a sophisticated apple profile blended to mimic the revered qualities of an XO (Extra Old) brandy.

Key Features:

  •  Exquisite Apple Profile: A masterful blend of natural extracts, essences, and oils for a rich apple flavor.
  •  Optimized for Premium Batches: Ideal for flavoring approximately 27 fl. oz. (770 ml), creating a special reserve for discerning palates.
  •  Easy Mixing Process: Comes with straightforward instructions for a smooth infusion.
  •  Enhanced Flavor Development: Designed to complement higher ABV spirits for a truly distinguished taste.
  •  Crafted in Canada: High-quality essence produced in Canada, renowned for excellent distilling standards.
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