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Essences - Citrus Vodka

Essences - Citrus Vodka


Reinvigorate your spirits with Liquor Quik's Citrus Vodka Essence, a zesty blend that promises to infuse your home-brewed vodka with the refreshing essence of sun-ripened citrus. This product is meticulously formulated for the spirited individual who enjoys crafting their own distinctive vodka flavors.

Key Features:

  •  Vivid Citrus Notes: Made with natural extracts and oils for an authentic citrus zest.
  •  Substantial Quantity: Flavors a full 31 fl. oz. (880 ml) batch, ideal for large-scale home distilling.
  •  Straightforward Instructions: Easy-to-follow process for a hassle-free infusion experience.
  •  Adjustable Texture: Use glycerine to achieve the desired body and smoothness.
  •  Canadian Quality: Expertly produced in Canada, a mark of purity and excellence.
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