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Essences - Coffee Rum

Essences - Coffee Rum


Coffee Rum Liqueur Essence for your homebrew and craft-making adventures. This 50 mL (1.69 fl. oz.) flavour concentrate is meticulously crafted to replicate the delectable taste of coffee rum liqueur. Ideal for infusing sweet, coffee-flavoured richness into neutral alcohol or other base liquids, our essence empowers you to create up to 1 L of homemade liqueur.

Key Features

  •  Versatile Usage: Designed for 40% ABV alcohol and Pure Brewers Alcobase.
  •  High Yield: Generate up to 1 L of 28% or 19% ABV homemade liqueur.
  •  Premium Formulation: Features glucose syrup, flavourings, glycerine, and water.
  •  Allergen Alert: Contains derivatives of cereals with gluten and sulphites.
  •  Colour and Preservation: Enriched with caramel colour and Sulphur Dioxide for an appealing look and long shelf life.
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