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Essences - Creme de Menthe

Essences - Creme de Menthe


Create a refreshing twist in your homemade liqueurs with Liquor Quik's Crème de Menthe Essence. This premium essence offers a burst of crisp mint flavor, perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with their home bartending and desire to add a professional touch to their cocktails.

Key Features:

  •  Authentic Mint Flavor: Blended with natural extracts and oils to capture the essence of fresh mint.
  •  Large Batch Compatible: Each bottle efficiently flavors up to 31 fl. oz. (880 ml) of your chosen spirit.
  •  Simple to Mix: Comes with user-friendly instructions for a flawless crafting process.
  •  Texture Control: Add glycerine to achieve the desired silkiness and body.
  •  Crafted in Canada: Proudly produced in Canada, ensuring a product of the highest standard. 
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