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Essences - Irish Cream

Essences - Irish Cream


Irish Cream Liqueur Essence—a 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) concentrate designed to emulate the luxurious, creamy richness of Irish Cream liqueur. Whether crafting cocktails or cooking up a unique dish, this essence allows you to infuse your creations with the taste of classic Irish Cream.

Key Features

  •  Highly Concentrated: One 50 ml bottle yields up to 1L of 28% or 19% ABV liqueur.
  •  Simple and Efficient: Mix with 40% ABV alcohol or Pure Brewers Alcobase to achieve desired outcomes.
  •  Premium Ingredients: Features glucose syrup, flavourings, glycerine, and more.
  •  Allergen Alert: Contains derivatives of cereals with gluten and sulphites.
  •  Preservative-Enriched: Sulphur Dioxide ensures a longer shelf-life.
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