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Essences - London Dry Gin

Essences - London Dry Gin


London Dry Gin Essence. This 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) bottle delivers the clean, crisp, and unmistakably dry taste of traditional London Dry Gin. Easily add it to neutral alcohols or other liquids to craft a homemade liqueur that encapsulates the quintessence of this iconic gin.

Key Features

  •  Highly Potent: Creates up to 1 L of 28% ABV liqueur.
  •  Multi-Use: Ideal for blending with 40% ABV alcohol or Pure Brewers Alcobase.
  •  Quality Ingredients: Comprises glucose syrup, flavourings, glycerine, water, and caramel colour.
  •  Allergen Alert: Contains derivatives of cereals containing gluten and sulphites.
  •  Simple Preparation: Comes with easy-to-follow mixing guidelines for perfect results.
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