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Essences - Plum Brandy

Essences - Plum Brandy


Craft the Essence of Orchard Harvest: Rich Plum Brandy Essence for Home Distillers

Immerse yourself in the flavor of sun-kissed orchards with Liquor Quik's Plum Brandy Essence. This essence celebrates the lush, fruity notes of ripe plums, meticulously designed for those who love to create artisanal spirits with the essence of fresh fruit.

Key Features: 

  •  Deep Plum Flavor: A blend of natural extracts and essences captures the essence of freshly picked plums.
  •  Large Batch Production: Flavor up to 31 fl. oz. (880 ml), perfect for extensive home distilling or sharing.
  •  Easy-to-Use: Clear instructions for a straightforward infusion process.
  •  Customizable Consistency: Option to add glycerine for a richer body and smoother palate feel.
  •  Crafted in Canada: Expertly produced in Canada, ensuring quality and purity.
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