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Essences - Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur

Essences - Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur


Liquor Quik's Swiss Chocolate Almond Essence is a confectionery in a bottle, perfect for those who revel in the craft of home liqueur making. This essence blends the smooth richness of Swiss chocolate with the nutty undertones of almonds, creating a liqueur that is a treat for the senses.

Key Features:

  •  Decadent Chocolate and Almond Blend: Formulated with natural extracts and essences for a sumptuous taste experience.
  •  Suitable for Large Batches: Each bottle is capable of flavoring approximately 31 fl. oz. (880 ml) of liqueur.
  •  Simple to Mix: Clear instructions guarantee an effortless infusion process.
  •  Customizable Consistency: Add glycerine to adjust the body and smoothness to your liking.
  •  Proudly Produced in Canada: Committed to quality, this essence is crafted in Canada for superior flavor.
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