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Wine Top - Cork

Wine Top - Cork


Elevate your bottling game with the Plastic Top Semi-Synthetic Stopper, meticulously crafted in Portugal to enhance the aging process of wines, spirits, and other beverages for two years or more. At 27 mm in length and 20 mm in diameter, this stopper pairs the reliable sealing capabilities of semi-synthetic materials with the traditional aesthetics of cork. It delivers the satisfying pop associated with uncorking, minus the risk of TCA contamination—a common concern with natural corks. Choose the perfect blend of functionality and form, ensuring your beverages mature as intended, with their flavors preserved and untainted.

Key Features:

  •  Sized for Excellence: The 27 mm length and 20 mm diameter fit a broad spectrum of bottles.
  •  Semi-Synthetic Durability: Combines the best sealing properties with long-lasting use.
  •  Aged to Perfection: Ideal for beverages that require two or more years of aging.
  •  Natural Cork Appeal: Mimics the classic cork look and sound for an authentic experience.
  •  TCA Contamination Resistance: Offers peace of mind by eliminating cork-related spoilage risks.
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